Australia reacts to the Brussels attacks


“The Australian people absolutely condemn these cowardly terrorist attacks.


Our thoughts, our prayers, and our most resolute solidarity are with the people of Belgium.” – Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

“We are in a much stronger position from a security point of view (compared to) Brussels. The reality is, of course, that we have the benefits of geography.” – Mr Turnbull

“We must remain united in the face of this latest attack in Brussels. We must make sure that the terrorists do not divide us.” Hafez Kassem, president of Muslims Australia.

“It proves yet again that no country is immune from terrorism.” – Foreign Minister Julie Bishop.

“The decision has been made after Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, in response to the terrorist attacks overnight in Brussels, called on union members … not to strike.” – CPSU National Secretary Nadine Flood calls off a planned strike by Australian border force and airport security staff.

“Australia is always happy to share our experience about what has worked here, because I think our response has been very effective and very sure-footed.” – Counter-terrorism Minister Michael Keenan.

“There are a number of long-standing protocols. They were put in place last night. These are terrible crimes.” – Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews.

“To all victims and loved ones in Brussels, South Australia stands with you, and victims of terrorism around the world, against these terrible acts.” South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill.

“People in Belgium are in deep shock but there is a sense of defiance … (they) don’t want to let this sort of atrocity get them down. I’ve walked along those streets many times and (the bombing) is quite confronting.” – Belgian-born cabinet minister Mathias Cormann.

“It was chaos.” – Australian man Leigh Dryden who was aboard one of the last flights to land after Brussels airport was attacked.

“We’re feeling a bit shocked, confused and wary of possible further attacks. All our families are pretty panicked, basically telling us to get out of Belgium.” Australian exchange student Mia Egerton-Warburton.